What can you expect?

We are thrilled to be putting on a diverse range of panels that are designed to help musicians navigate the modern music industry. The topics of these panels were carefully curated by our board members and advisors, taking into consideration the needs of independent musicians and the current climate of the music industry. The below list of topics offers a quick insight into what you can expect at VIMBC 2024. We look forward to seeing you there!

Program at a Glance

What's In A Song?

A Q&A workshop with some of Canada’s most successful and prolific songwriter/artist exports. Dan Hill is a Canadian treasure, and Steven McClintock, a multi-awarded Singer/Songwriter and owner of McJames Music inc. and 37 Records, and so many more to confirm

The Biz (Building Your Music Business Plan)

An in-depth overview of today’s music industry, the advantages of team building, the role of an agent, a manager, a publicist, a radio promotion specialist and at what stage are these support systems necessary.

Best Foot Forward

A compelling image and performance can be intangible – even mysterious. What makes a great artist?

Let's Get Digital

The role that social media plays in today’s music industry and how to leave a strong digital footprint.

Unlock Your Inner Voice

Even the greatest singer can benefit from some strategic vocal coaching... the pros share their tips!

On The Record

Many artists – even those who write – need to source outside material, since the recording mandate should always be “may the best song win”. This panel will cover the role of a producer, what to look for when picking which songs to record, and what producer you should record with!

One On One (5 minute pitch!)

The music industry’s answer to speed dating – get your questions answered up close and personal by the pros and industry stakeholders.

If You Build It... (Building Your Brand)

Branding is everything in the music industry! We all know it's important, but it can be difficult to know what you need to consider when creating your visual assets. This panel will help combat that problem, covering what to focus on when developing your website, EPK, photo shoot, graphics and more!

... And More!

The program at a glance is just a taster of what you can expect. We look forward to sharing more opportunities and panel topics leading up to VIMBC 2024.

Who are some of the confirmed panelists for VIMBC 2024?

Doug Cox, Brian Howes, Dan Hill, Bill Henderson, Ed Henderson, Bob D'Eith, Tarek Elneweihi, Angela Kelman, Bea Lorimer, Steven McClintock, Jason Parsons, Jonathan Simkin, Donna Turko, Susie McGregor, Mike McVay, Brian Hetherman, Garth Richardson, Jozy Patterson, Joey Clarkson, John Mundy, Alec Watson, Chris Crippin and more TBC!